1. Yeah we’re in a hotel room! Obvi not enough space for all of us to stand up


  2. Men know how to take a knee or sit in a photo from an early age…..girls will never understand this method


  3. No better place to bend your knees than Vegas


  4. Yay! Everyone fits in the picture, but the front row looks like we have to pee! Yay!


  5. You have to love the one’s where they’re bent over for¬†absolutely¬†no reason


  6. Thank god these girls jumped in front and bent over, because there isn’t enough space in the outfield


  7. Not even their fancy black and white dresses could keep them from taking a shitty pic


  8. He’s just about to Tebow….idk wtf you girls are doing


  9. Thank god all of your heads are at the same level girls


  10. Down in front you girls, and yeah put your hands on your knees….great